Choosing the right call center location

That’s a very good question.  Call Centers are popping up all over, but the quality of the call center is very obvious right off the bat.  The first thing you should look for is quality of speech.  A good call center will only hire the most fluent English speaking agents available, and position themselves strategically in a location where those agents are abundant.

For example, our call centers operate in the Philippines, where English is a second Language.  The people there are very intelligent and well spoken which allows for a much strong dialect in the English language.

Another benefit of choosing a call center in the Philippines is their class of employee.  Filipinos generally go to college to obtain an education in the call center and data center industries, where as here in the United States, a typical agent would be your average teenager with little to no education in the industry.  This is great because the agents understand how to deal with customers, how to properly use the software, and tend to take their job more seriously.

Another very important factor to consider when choosing the location of your call center of is the management.  Be very careful not to allow the corporate and upper management personnel to walk all over you.  They want your business and will sometimes just tell you what you want to hear in order to get your business.  You should always take the time to talk with multiple employees in the operations dept. in order to get a feel for them competency levels and their respect for your contribution to their company.

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