Computer Repair in Surrounding Cities

Most people don’t know it, but SimpleTechGuy works within a 30 mile radius of Marietta Georgia. We are currently expanding our advertising campaign to include each city and county in that area. In this blog I’d like the share with you a few of the challenges we have had in the process.

We are working on an extremely limited budget. Actually, we don’t have a budget at all. The owner, Daniel Carlson, has been taking time and money out of his own wallet to advertise and spread the word about SimpleTechGuy. It has been difficult, but we are beginning to see improvements in certain areas. Our main focus has been online advertising, which is inexpensive if you do it yourself, but very time consuming.

The major problem we have seen in our online advertising campaign involves massive amounts of content to be dispersed on the web. This is difficult in that it takes so much time to write, edit, and post the information. It has, however, been a great learning experience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is difficult because of the amount of competition out there today. Not only must you compete with local small business owners, but also with the major brands. These big companies have seemingly limitless resources and large IT staff to take care of their SEO. This means that as an owner operated local small business, you can expect to compete with much larger companies in your industry.

Now, don’t get to down right away. Believe it or not, but these large companies can actually help you. With the way the internet works, you have a special opportunity to enhance your online presence to actually destroy your competition if you focus your energy in the right place. I will get into more detail in future posts, but for now, don’t give up.

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