Comcast isn't very good these days.

Are you in the market for a new cable provider?  Think it may be nice to have your phone, internet, and cable all in one package?  Well think again.  Comcast has come up with all kinds of new deals and packages, but at whos expense?

The customer is paying for this.  And I’m not talking about the new customers, but it’s actually just the opposite.  Comcast offers an unbeatable deal when you sign up, but they don’ tell you that the longer you stay with them the more you will be paying.

The first thing you’ll begin to notice is an increase in you bill about every 6 months.  The first 6 months will be normal and you should know it’s coming, but the second time the do it…  Where did that come from?  Well comcast makes you sign an agreement when you sign up with them that says they have the right to change prices and services as they please, and they do it.

The biggest problem is their new 250gb limit on downloads they’re emposing on all customers because 1% of current customers are using more than comcast thinks they should.  But what’s up with that?  I mean, if you have 100 people eating at a table and 99 of them eat half a plate, but 1 eats 2 plates, why would you punish the 99 people by telling them they can only have 1/4th of a plate?  Sounds silly right?  Well this is exactly what comcast is doing.  They make it sound like you wont be affected, but you will.  This is just the first step towards pay per min. internet.

I don’t even want to think about their customer service.  I don’t know who these people are hiring, but they aren’t doing a very good job at training them.  I’ve had to call more than 10 times for one thing!  And I’ve had customers call me multiple times after getting frustrated with comcast and still not having the work done!

So if your having problems with comcast then just give me a call.  I’ll help you get the issue fixed!

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