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SimpleTechGuy is partnering with Consultants Exchange to bring you one of the best and most advance call centers available today! Now your business can compete with the big guys. Our call centers are going for about $12/hour/agent. WOW! Don’t believe me? Well you can see it for yourselves. We’ve created a website to cover the details of this new venture! You can visit our new Call Center Outsourcing Site.

Consultants Exchange has been working with companies from around the world to bring its customers the best possible solution at the best possible price! Our new partner in the Philippines is ready to help. Outsourcing of centers and data centers to the Philippines has been going on for years! As a matter of fact, the Philippines was one of the first countries to provide this service!

One of the best things about the Philippines is their stong English Speaking People! English is a second language in the Philippines and about 90% of all it’s residents can speak English. They begin learning English in elementary shool and speak fluently by the time they graduate high school. Which leads me to my next point, their commitment to the industry.

Philippino’s aren’t like Americans in the way that they view a job in a call center as a career choice and not just another side job while trying to get your degree in college! They actually go to college to learn how to manage call center duties and become call center specialist! After college they find a job at one of the countries many call centers and begin their journey to the top.
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