Review of BluePoint Security – Proactive Anti-Virus Solution

Review of BluePoint Security – Personal Version (Trial)

The first thing I liked about BluePoint Security was the website. It looked nice and professional and everything was easy to navigate. It would be nice if there was a download button for the program on the front page, however, finding the download link was very easy.

If you’re planning to download the software be prepared to put in your email address first. Personally I think there should be an option to download without providing an email address, but the good news is you don’t have to verify through email as it goes straight to download after you provide an address. Once I got the file it was clear sailing from there. You get the standard installShield wizard and if you don’t already have .NET 2.0, then BluePoint will go ahead and install it for you. So far everything has been up to par with all of the competition out there. Installing .NET usually takes awhile, with any install but once it’s done BluePoint finishes up and jumps right into the automatic configuration.

During the auto config you must be connected to the internet in order to get the updates. With this version there is no option to continue without connecting. Hopefully BluePoint will add that option in the future.

When the auto config completes you’ll get a popup in the bottom right hand corner that says “Your computer is now protected with BluePoint Security.” and has an OK button to press. You must press that OK button. If you are installing the trial version then you will get another pop reminding you how much time you have left on the trial and offer the option to subscribe for the full version. If you already have .NET installed and you are connected to the internet during the installation you can expect to be fully operational in less than 10 min.

One of my favorite parts about this anti-virus program is that you do not have to restart your system. It really drives me crazy when you install a program then have to restart in order to complete the install. I’m glad BluePoint has found a way around that.

Now for a little about the program and it’s functions. Like any other program (except those that you don’t want on your computer), you’ll get a little icon in the task bar to let you know the program is running. Double click that icon and you’ll see the BluePoint Security window offering you the option to Scan, change settings, get updates, view your history, and check out the help and support files.

Another great thing about this program is it’s simplicity. For those of you out there who don’t know anything about computer, this program has automated everything and will guide you through the process using terms anyone can understand. And don’t think that Microsoft is going to get away with installing crap on your computer without you knowing about it. BluePoint Security catches everything, even Microsoft! This is what makes BluePoint a revolutionary new product. It makes a list of all the programs on your computer, and if anything outside that list tries to install then it will be blocked unless you choose to allow it.

There is much more to say about BluePoint Security but I will stop here and suggest you go out and try it yourself. BluePoint is offering a Free 15 day trial you can download from their site at >BluePoint Security Download

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