Internet Explorer 8 wont connect to the internet

Usually, Internet explorer just connects to the internet.  I mean, it “usually” just works, but this time is different.  I turned on my computer, opened up Internet Explorer to check my email, and waited, and waited, and waited.  Then I got that screen that says, “NO CONNECTION!”.  Now what?

Well first you would check to see if you have a connection to the internet.  Just follow the steps below if you have Windows xp.

  1. Click ‘start menu’
  2. Click ‘run’
  3. In the black box type, “ping”
  4. If you see “Received = 4” in your results then you are connected to the internet.
  5. If you see “Received = 0” then you are not connected.

The steps I’m going to give next usually only work when you “ARE” connected to the internet.  If you “are not” connected to the internet it may not work.

  1. Scan for viruses using your favorite anti-virus program.
  2. Download “WinSockFix” from SoftPedia.
  3. Install WinSockFix.
  4. Run WinsockFix.

If all that doesn’t work there is one other thing you may try.

Go to start-> run… type – “regsvr32 actxprxy.dll” (without the quotes), if the message says succeded- you’re good to go.

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