Georgia Flood of 2009 – Computer Repair Help and Rebate

Georgia flood victims are experiencing something that no other Georgian has experienced in a long long time. This flood just came out of no where, and there was no way we could have known.

First I would like to extend my condolences to all the victims out there who lost so much in this flood. I know how hard it is to loose something, and especially to those of you who work out of your homes. I know so many home business lost it all when their homes flooded.

Now for the good part. We here at SimpleTechGuy want to help. We want to make sure you victims get the attention you deserve, and to prove it we’re offering 50% off to all flood victims on ALL COMPUTER REPAIR SERVICES! All you have to do is call, let us know you’re a flood victim, and then tell us what you need and we’ll be there within 24 hours to help.

I’m sure many of your computers were ruined in this terrible flood, but I have some good news. COMPUTERS CAN GET WET AND STILL WORK! Many of you who lost computers also lost electricity before your home was flooded which means you might be able to salvage your old computer. Even still, some of you may have had your computers turned off, or had an opportunity to get them to high ground before the flood hit.

Whatever the case, we want to help. Should you buy a new computer, we can help you transfer the data. If your computer still works, we can make sure it’s running properly. Whatever you need just call and let us know, and remember, you get 50% off!

SimpleTechGuy – The Handyman of Technology – Computer Repair for Flood Victims. 404-819-9027

North Georgia Flood Victims visit for Computer Repair at 50% off!

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